Product Updates
Jan 15, 2023
Add border to Cards

Add a border to your dynamic list cards to add more flair to the cards.

You have the option to set the same border width or different border width for different sides.Also define the style and color of the border.

Learn more about cards.

Nov 25, 2022
Duplicate page section to another page

Building pages is even easier now! You can now create a section on one page and copy it to another page using the Duplicate Section feature. You can duplicate the section on the same page or a different page.

Nov 04, 2022
App Store - 100+ apps & extensions to power your website

We have launched the Pixpa Apps Store to make it easy for you to find and use 100+ built-in apps and 3rd party integrations to power up your website. Explore the App Store and start using the apps to expand your website's capabilities. You can also find apps through Studio Search.

Oct 07, 2022
Make your website multilingual - Pixpa + Weglot

Introducing Pixpa’s integration with Weglot - Everything you need to translate, display and manage your multilingual website, with full editing control.

No complexity: Connect your Pixpa website with your Weglot account for a fully translated and displayed website in minutes.

Automated Translation: Weglot automatically scans and detects the text, images, and SEO metadata of your Pixpa site and continuously translates any new content or page as you go.

Reach new audiences: Benefit from Multilingual SEO with language subdomains or subdirectories, hreflang tag implementation, and translated metadata to rank your translated pages on search engines.

Oct 06, 2022
Save $100 with Full Frame Insurance & get free, unlimited certificates of insurance

You save an average of $100 while protecting your gear and photography business with Full Frame Insurance. When you take advantage of the exclusive coupon code for Pixpa users, you’ll also get free and unlimited certificates of insurance to meet studio and venue insurance requirements.

Oct 06, 2022
Participate in Sony World Photography Awards 2023 - Get 20 extra image entries free

Participate in the Sony World Photography Awards 2023. Pixpa users can submit up to 23 image entries with an exclusive promo code. To redeem the exclusive SWPA code and upload 23 images (3 free images + 20 extra images provided with the code) for free to the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2023, follow these steps:

1. Create an account on the WPO website:
2. Click on the Image Bundles tab and select the 20-image bundle
4. Add the promo code PIXPASWPA23 in the 'Enter promo code here' tab and click 'Apply code'
5. Click Continue to PayPal, and the allocation of images will appear in the account (should show as £0.00)

Or, for automatic promo code inclusion, click here to sign up for the Sony World Photography Awards 2023

The code can be used until 06 January 2023, 1.00PM (GMT), the deadline to enter the Open competition.

Sep 30, 2022
Add WhatsApp Chat widget to your website

Let your website visitors connect with you easily and instantly using WhatsApp Chat Widget. Convert visitors to customers and grow your business.

Sep 16, 2022
Reset Website for Trial Users

Trial users can completely reset their website template to get a fresh look of a new template or start from scratch in a few clicks only.

Sep 15, 2022
Banner Buttons get a Big Update

Banner buttons get a major revamp where users can now add up to 5 buttons on banners, up from 2 earlier. 

Along with the regular buttons, users can now also add images and icons as buttons. You can use the same buttons for all slides or add different buttons for each slide. 

Styling options have also been introduced - such as hover effect, spacing and sizes for buttons, images and social icons.

Aug 28, 2022

Get more advanced options to manage the page builder with improved functionalities like split corners and card hover to give a new look to your pages.
For ecommerce users, Category page gives the option of a completely new storefront page to list all the categories.

  • Category page has been introduced in store to list all the categories as a storefront. Set up your Storefront now.
  • Category page can also be set as the website store page and has multiple layout options, animate on hover along with other style features and a sidebar.
  • New mobile menu icons have been added for mobile header. Update mobile menu icon.
  • New dynamic list items layouts have been added for image lists and text lists in the page builder.
  • The new layouts give you multiple new options to completely redesign your pages to get a fresh look.
  • Split rounded corners have been introduced in page builder.
  • Split corners help you set different border radius for the different corners so you can get different shapes to add flair to your pages.
  • Cards version has been updated in dynamic lists in Page builder.
  • The newer version has the option to apply a hover effect on the card to give a more subtle look and feel.
Aug 26, 2022
Pixpa Studio is mobile-friendly now.

The Pixpa Studio just got a big update to make it mobile-friendly. The responsive Studio lets you manage your website much better on mobile devices, on the go.

Aug 05, 2022
Stunning one-page sites for creatives

Easily create fully-responsive, one-page sites for portfolios, resumes, profiles, and much more.

See the help article on how to create a one-page site with Pixpa.

Jul 22, 2022
Manage your website better with User Roles & Permissions.

User Roles & Permissions enable you to invite clients or collaborators to work on your website based on the permissions you assign to them. You can manage and edit user permissions at any time.

Give users the exact permissions you want!

✅ Invite team members to help you out.

✅ Building websites for clients? Give clients limited access permissions to manage their website on their own.

See the help article on managing user roles and permissions for your website.

Jul 19, 2022
Product Variant Images

You can now assign an image for each product variant to showcase your products exactly how they are. Variant images are shown automatically when the buyer chooses a variant.
Learn how to create product variants and assign images to them.

Jul 15, 2022

Multiple updates in pages to make the process of updating the content more easier. You can find all list items at one place with a new image list layout and info blocks to quickly update the pages. Highlight your text links with an underline

  • In page, Image Lists and Text lists have been combined in one category as Lists with filter options for image lists and text lists.
  • New Image List layout added with Headline at top, large image and title / subtitle on left and description and button on right in pages.
  • Dynamic Info Blocks section introduced in page where users can add image and text and easily change layouts.
  • Users can now change layout with a single click along with other style options like padding, rounded corners and animation on hover in Info blocks.
  • Underline option added for text links in buttons and links in Design section under Buttons and Links option.
Jul 15, 2022
Global Info Sections for Products

Use Global Info Sections to show common information blocks (such as Shipping Info, Refund Terms etc.) on product pages. Create as many info sections you want and then assign them to multiple products in one go. Bulk add/remove info sections to products option is available. :)
Learn how to use
info sections and add them to products.

Jun 24, 2022
Dynamic Spaced Layout and new Order Fulfilment Status

Give your galleries a completely new look with our new gallery layout and easily organise your orders with our improved order fulfilment statuses.

  • Dynamic Spaced layouts have been introduced to arrange your images dynamically leaving spaces between them to get a collage like look.
  • Choose from Small, medium or Large spaced layouts to get a completely fresh look for your image galleries.
  • The layouts are available for website galleries, e-commerce galleries, blog media gallery, page gallery and Client Galleries.
  • New Payment Status "Refunded" added for all payments which are refunded externally to users in Store and Client Galleries e-commerce.
  • New order fulfilment status "On Hold" added for orders which are on hold due to any unforeseen issue like loss of inventory, new shipping restrictions due to Covid
  • "Fulfilled" Order status added for orders which have been completed.
  • Album Name added in Client Galleries order table to easily identify the album from which order has come.
Jun 15, 2022

We have tried to make our pricing simpler. We have made it easier to update the system default texts and ability to add information to multiple products easily.

  • Biannual plans introduced for first time to help you save more. Check pricing.
  • Info Section added in store products to easily add information like terms of use, privacy policy, shipping policy to multiple products.
  • Multilingual labels added to quickly change the labels in your preferred language from list of selected languages. Label defaults of the language will override previous labels.
  • New Labels option added in Language and Labels to quickly check any new labels that have been introduced.
  • Page Import option added to quickly import any page from a template and update the content.
Jun 03, 2022

We have been working on some updates to declutter and improve the page builder by adding more powers to the dynamic list items. Also we have introduced the option of bulk inventory update.


  • We have introduced the option to add individual variant images for your store product variants
  • We have also increased the number of variants and maximum number of images per product to 200
  • Inventory option introduced in the store to easily manage the inventory of multiple products and variants in one go.
  • Bulk editing option has been added to easily apply discount on multiple products, update weight and prices


  • Page builder has been improved to make the process of building the website easier
  • More customisation options have been introduced in the dynamic lists of the page builder like setting position of content, handling spacing between grid elements and cards
  • Dynamic Lists have been decluttered to only show those options which are required in the particular layout
  • Carousel layout has been introduced for the first time in the page builder to get a scrolling slider look.
  • Email Notifications option added in Settings to echo all the emails being used in the website and forms, store and client galleries.
Feb 22, 2022
The All-New Pixpa is Here

We are excited to introduce the all-new Pixpa to you. We have reimagined and redesigned Pixpa to make it easier & faster for you to showcase, sell & share your work online. My favorite, new addition is the Search Bar which lets you find and access everything instantly.

Here are some of the many updates:

  • Search Bar introduced - Lets you find and access everything instantly (content, features, orders, contacts etc).
  • For users with multiple websites - A websites dashboard has been added to manage and switch websites easily.
  • Complete revamp of user interface - All screens have been redesigned to make Pixpa easier to use.
  • Store Dashboard added - Easier to manage the store now.
  • Store Pages introduced in Website - Easier to add products to website and start selling.
  • Selling Images has been made simpler. Easier to manage e-commerce galleries, price lists and fulfilment methods.
  • Contacts have improved. Search and filters are better.
  • Marketing tools have been consolidated under a new section. Paves the way for several new marketing tools that we are working on.
  • Tooltips and help text has been added everywhere.
  • Payments and Donations workflow has been improved.
  • Marketing Popups - Workflow has been improved.
  • Blog Posts - Search added and listing improved.
  • All table listings such as orders, products, categories - Interface improved.
  • And much more!

Hoping you will love it! Do share your feedback with us. It drives everything we do!

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